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2015 HCL Annual General Meeting

This year, as always, the choice of venue was based on the vote count.

Shanghai being a consistent 2nd best for the past few years, we decided to give it the opportunity it deserved. So it was no surprise that it stood up in all its highrise glory to live up to everyone's expectations.

Not only did we have a great participation, but we had most of our members kept ultra busy with all the business meetings that they had set up with their clients and vendors. Thus Shanghai served a dual purpose and proved as great value for its time to most of our delegates.

Our Agent Counterparts in the region whose hospitality and graciousness lends its credence to global lore, gave this convention a whole new meaning by sponsoring the Welcome Dinner and the Buffet Lunch on Day 1. A special thanks to Mr Alex Liu and his team from Premiere China and Mr Danny Wong and his team from CFS China who chose to sponsor these two occasions and add their special charm to the proceedings.

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